DINO Network – Diversity in Nordic Literature

Background, Objectives, Activities
Welcome to join the Nordic DINO network – Diversity in Nordic Literature!
During the last decades, the Nordic countries as well as Nordic literature, have gone through essential changes. Due to the increasing globalization and side by side with the changing developments in the politics of language and minorities, what were once relatively fixed and definable concepts – such as ‘Finnish’, ‘Swedish’ and ‘Nordic’ literature – have expanded and acquired new meanings. The multicultural and multilingual society, with its changed attitudes (that often transcend former boundaries) towards such categories as sexuality and sexual identities, brings with it new problems and challenges for authors as well as scholars.

These new challenges have led to a need to form new networks and the Nordic DINO network – Diversity in Nordic Literature – was created to satisfy that need. DINO is an informal discussion forum and the aim is primarily to give scholars possibilities to discuss and develop scholarly studies about Nordic literature and diversity. The initiators of DINO are Satu Gröndahl (Uppsala University), Rita Paqvalén (Helsinki University), Anne Heith (Umeå University) and Heidi Grönstrand (University of Turku). 

Steering committee 
Anne Klara Bom, University of Southern Denmark, Department of the Study of Culture, The Hans Christian Andersen Centre. PhD, Associate Professor. Research areas: Cultural studies, cultural icons, canonization, discourse analysis, affect theory. Current publications: Hans Christian Andersen & Community (2019), eds. Anne Klara Bom, Jacob Bøggild & Johs. Nørregaard Frandsen and “Denmark, my Native Land! Hans Christian Andersen as a happiness object with killjoy potential” in Forum for World Literature (2018, forthcoming), with Torsten Bøgh Thomsen.
Email address: akbom@sdu.dk

Satu Gröndahl, Uppsala University, The Hugo Valentin Centre & Department of Modern Languages. Docent, Associate Professor. Research areas: Minority literature and migrancy literature in the Nordic countries. Recent publication: Migrants and Literature in Finland and Sweden (2018), eds. Satu Gröndahl & Eila Rantonen. Studia Fennica Litteraria. Finnish Literature Society, Helsinki.
Email address: satu.grondahl@valentin.uu.se

Heidi Grönstrand, Stockholm University, Department of Slavic and Baltic languages, Finnish, Dutch and German. Senior Lecturer. Research interests: literary multilingualism and literary history, especially the history of multilingualism and the history of Sweden-Finnish literature. Current publications: The Aesthetics and Politics of Linguistic Borders. Multilingualism in Northern European Literatures by Heidi Grönstrand, Markus Huss & Ralf Kauranen (eds.) (forthcoming). 
Email address: heidi.gronstrand@finska.su.se

Markus Huss, Assistant Professor of German at the Department of Slavic and Baltic Studies, Finnish, Dutch and German, Stockholm University, Sweden. His research interests include literary multilingualism, intermediality, German and Swedish postwar literature and exile literature. Recent publication (with Julia Tidigs): “The Noise of Multilingualism: Reader Diversity, Linguistic Borders and Literary Multimodality” in Critical Multilingualism Studies, vol. 5, nr 1, 2017.
Email address: markus.huss@tyska.su.se

Olli Löytty is a literary scholar who has specialised on cultural studies. He has published extensively on cultural encounters, postcolonialism in Nordic countries and transnational and multilingual literatures in Finland. Presently he is working in the project "Comics and migration. Belonging, narration, activism" (2018-2010,  funded by The Kone Foundation.)
Email address: olselo@utu.fi

Hanna Mattila, lecturer in Sámi literature at Sámi allaskuvla / Sámi University of Applied Sciences. Research interests: Sámi literature, Sámi poetry, indigenous studies, ecocriticism and postcolonial ecocriticism. Current research project: Ph.D-project “Lean čuojanas, maid eallin čuojaha”, an ecocritical reading of Nils-Aslak Valkeapää’s poetry. 
Email address: hanna.mattila@samiskhs.no

Elisabeth Oxfeldt, Professor of Scandinavian Literature, University of Oslo. Research Areas: Modern Scandinavian literature, Postcolonialism, Orientalism, (Post)nationalism, Interart, Word-Image, Film and Adaptation. Current Research Projects: Scandinavian Narratives of Guilt and Privilege in an Age of Globalization (SCANGUILT), Denmark and the New North Atlantic.
Email address: elisabeth.oxfeldt@iln.uio.no

Kirsten Thisted is an Associate Professor at Copenhagen University, Institute of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, Minority Studies Section. Her research areas include minority-majority relations, cultural and linguistic encounters, cultural translation and post-colonial relations. She has published several books and a large number of articles about Greenlandic oral traditions, modern Greenlandic literature and film, Arctic explorers and Scandinavia seen in a post-colonial perspective. She is currently leading the project “Denmark and the New North Atlantic”, and is a project participant in the “Centre of Excellence for Resources, Extractive Industries and Sustainable Arctic Communities (REXSAC)”. 
Email address: thisted@hum.ku.dk

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