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Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis

This academic series is published by Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis (University Publications from Uppsala) and distributed by Uppsala University Library | Order information | Editorial office is at The Hugo Valentin Centre, Uppsala University (before January 2010 at the then Centre for Multiethnic Research). Contributions to this series are peer-reviewed.
ISSN 0282-6623
19. A History of Latin America. Hernán Horna. 2011.
18. Europe–Evropa. Cross-cultural Dialogues between the West, Russia, and Southeastern Europe. Ed. Maija Könönen & Juhani Nuorluoto. 2010.
17. Ingermanländares namnskick under 1900-talet. Kontinuitet och förändring. By Vera Lif. Diss. 2004.
16. Tracking Swedish-American English. A Longitudinal Study of Linguistic Variation and Identity. By Angela Karstadt. 2003.
15. On Parade. Making Heritage in Lindsborg, Kansas. By Lizette Gradén. Diss. 2003.
14. Swedes in the Twin Cities. Immigrant Life and Minnesota’s Urban Frontier. Ed. Philip J. Anderson & Dag Blanck. 2001.
13. La Indianidad antes de la independencia latinoamericana. By Hernán Horna. 1999.
12. Från allmogemål till nationalspråk. Språkvård och språkpolitik i Estland från 1857 till 1999. By Raimo Raag. 1999.
11. The Visible Wall. Jews and Other Ethnic Outsiders in Swedish Film. By Rochelle Wright. 1998.
10. A Folk Divided. Homeland Swedes and Swedish Americans, 1840–1940. By H. Arnold Barton. 1994.
9. Swedish-American Life in Chicago. Cultural and Urban Aspects of an Immigrant People 1850–1930. Ed. Philip J. Andersson & Dag Blanck. 1991.
8. Kazak Refugees in Turkey. A Study of Cultural Persistence and Social Change. By Ingvar Svanberg. 1989.
7. Les Karaïtes d’Europe. By Simon Szyszman. 1989.
6. Judiskt liv i Norden. Ed. Gunnar Broberg, Harald Runblom & Mattias Tydén. 1988.
5. The Kazaks of China. Essays on an Ethnic Minority. Ed. Linda Benson & Ingvar Svanberg. 1988.
4. A Community Transplanted. The Trans-Atlantic Experience of a Swedish Immigrant Settlement in the Upper Middle West, 1835–1915. By Robert C. Ostergren. 1988.
3. Mellan två språk. En fallstudie om språkbevarande och språkbyte i Finland. By Marika Tandefelt. 1988.
2. Aspects of Multilingualism. Proceedings from the Fourth Nordic Symposium on Bilingualism, 1984. Ed. Erling Wande, Jan Anward, Bengt Nordberg, Lars Steensland & Mats Thelander. 1987.
1. The Revolution in the North. Soviet Ethnography and Nationality Policy. By Kerstin Eidlitz Kuoljok. 1985.
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