Hugo Valentin-föreläsningen 2013: Professor Ervin Staub

Perpetrators, Passive and Active Bystanders in Mass Violence

Prof. Ervin Staub
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

The 11th lecture to the memory of historian Hugo Valentin was given by Professor of psychology Ervin Staub, Amherst, USA. Staub lectured on "active bystanders" who emerge in situations of mass violence and genocide. The lecture took place in the University Main Building on Wednesday 27 March 2013 with introductory words by the Vice-chancellor of Uppsala University Eva Åkesson and the Director of the Hugo Valentin Centre Tomislav Dulić.

The Eleventh Annual Hugo Valentin Lecture at Uppsala University was held by professor of Psychology Ervin Staub from University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA. Staub discussed the dynamics of violence, the emergence of both perpetrators and passive bystanders, but also what he calls active bystanders, who resist violence or endanger themselves to save the lives of others.

Staub, who is a specialist in the psychology of violence and conflict, has lifelong experience in field research, educational efforts and interventions in connection to violence, peace and reconciliation from a number of regions around the world. Among his most important publications are The Roots of Evil: The Origins of Genocide and Other Group Violence (1989), The Psychology of Good and Evil: Why Children, Adults and Groups Help and Harm Others (2003), and Overcoming Evil: Genocide, Violent Conflict and Terrorism (2011).

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