Europe–Evropa. Cross-cultural Dialogues between the West, Russia, and Southeastern Europe

Contributions to the conference “Eastern Manifestations of Western Ideas—or Vice Versa? The Cases of Russia and Southeastern Europe,” held at the University of Helsinki 20th–22nd August 2008



This volume contains twenty papers presented at the conference “Eastern Manifestations of Western Ideas—or Vice Versa?,” held at the University of Helsinki in August 2008. The contributions deal with a wide range of questions related to the status of languages, literary and cultural topics, philosophical ideas, the Byzantine heritage, political history, and travelogues in (South)eastern Europe and Russia. The book represents the most recent state of affairs in the study of the target area in the mentioned fields. The authors are both senior experts and younger scholars from the United States of America, Croatia, Finland, Luxembourg, Serbia, and Sweden. Each essay in the volume attests to the benefits of crossing the geographical, cultural and ideological divisions that have run for centuries and are still running through Europe in various forms. The book is not only a scholarly endeavour, but can also be used as an academic textbook in area studies.

Key-words: Russia, Southeast Europe, sociolinguistics, sociology of language, literary studies, cultural studies, history of ideas, Byzantium, political history, travelogues

Advisory Board for this Volume: Ronelle Alexander, Ranko Bugarski, Damir Kalogjera, Dan Ungurianu, Andrew B. Wachtel.

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Series Editor: Satu Gröndahl.
Number of pages: 323, 3 ill., notes on the authors.
Details: 20 contributions.
Format: 165x242mm, thread, softback.
Published: March 2010. 
ISSN 0282-6623 
ISBN 978-91-554-7697-7 

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