Public lecture with SINIŠA MALEŠEVIĆ: The Historical Dynamics of Organised Violence

  • Date: –16:00
  • Location: Engelska parken Sal Eng2-0076
  • Lecturer: SINIŠA MALEŠEVIĆ, University College, Dublin
  • Organiser: Hugo Valentin centrum
  • Contact person: Tomislav Dulic
  • Föreläsning

Despite the diversity of perspectives in the study of violence the contemporary social science has largely been dominated by the rationalist theories of conflict. While these analytical models have been useful in debunking the conventional views of violence as being inherently irrational, they are unable to explain the large-scale structural changes and the non-instrumental aspects of violent behaviour through time. Professor Malešević offers an alternative approach which centres on three key mechanisms: the cumulative bureaucratisation of coercion, centrifugal ideologisation and the envelopment of micro-solidarity.

Siniša Malešević is Professor of Sociology at the University College, Dublin.
He is an elected member of Royal Irish Academy and Academia Europae. Recent books include Grounded Nationalisms (Cambridge UP 2019), The Rise of Organised Brutality (Cambridge UP, 2017), Nation-States and Nationalisms (Polity 2013), and The Sociology of War and Violence (Cambridge UP, 2010).