Ivana Maček

Docent i kulturantropologi, universitetslektor
Associate professor of cultural anthropology, senior lecturer

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Curriculum Vitae

Born 15th of November 1965, Zagreb, Croatia, former Yugoslavia. Citizenships: Swedish and Croatian.

October 2010: Authorised Clinical Psychotherapist by Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (Trained at S:t Lukas Training Unit, Ersta Sköndal University College, Stockholm)

November 2009: Associate Professor in Cultural Anthropology, Uppsala University

June 2005: Basic education in Psychotherapy at S:t Lukas Institute, Stockholm

May 2000: Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology, Uppsala University, with thesis ”War Within: Everyday Life in Sarajevo under Siege”.

January 1992: BA, Cultural Anthropology, African Studies, Ethnology, History of Arts, Uppsala University and Zagreb University.

September 1985: One year university studies, Theoretical Mathematic, University of Zagreb.

June 1984: High-school, Centre of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Zagreb and High Pavement Sixth Form College, Nottingham.

Croatian – mother tongue.
Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian – authorised interpreter in Sweden, June 1993.
English – fluent, O-level 1983.
Swedish – fluent.

Professional Appointments:
March 2004: Assistant Professor in Genocide Studies, Uppsala Programme for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Uppsala University (permanent position; own research, with some teaching and supervision).

September 1999–February 2004: Research Fellow, Uppsala Programme for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Uppsala University (own research)

January 1998–June 1998: Research Fellow, Department of Cultural Anthropology, Uppsala University. Own research activities.

September 1993–December 12011-01-17y, Uppsala University. Own research activities and some teaching on undergraduate levels (financed by FRN - Swedish Council for Planning and Co-ordination of Research).

Field Research:
2008-2010. Post-doctoral research, FAS-funded.

September–December 1993: Doctorate research, FRN-funded.
March 1993: Planning for doctorate research.

Bosnia and Hercegovina (Sarajevo):                          
September 1996: Doctorate research, FRN-funded.
February-May 1996: Doctorate research, FRN-funded.
October 1995: Doctorate research, FRN-funded.
March 1995: Doctorate research, FRN-funded. 
September 1994: Doctorate research, FRN-funded.

Current Research Project:
2007–2010: “Between War and Peace – A Qualitative Study of Swedish Experiences of Work in War-Zones”, a post-doctoral research grant from FAS (Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research)

Earlier Research Project:
1993–1997: Research grant from FRN (Swedish Council for Planning and Co-ordination of Research) for doctoral project "Belonging in Bosnia. Cultural Dynamic of Collective Identities in the Context of 'Dirty War'."

Areas of interest:
theoretical, methodological and practical problems within anthropology of war and genocide studies; effects of war on everyday life, culture and society; processes of ethnic and national identification in Bosnia and Hercegovina and in general; relation between institutional and everyday life levels; analysis of genocide integrating psychological, socio-cultural and politico-military factors; socio-cultural and psychological processes in the aftermath of war and repatriation of the international personnel; war induced trauma and healing.

Lecturing and tutoring:
in the fields of ethnicity, anthropology of war, psychology of genocide and trauma, as well as former Yugoslavia, for various professional organisations working with former Yugoslavia since 1992, at the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology since 1994 (also supervising students), at the European Commission's Masters Course in Humanitarian Assistance (NOHA, Network on Humanitarian Assistance) since 1997, and at the Uppsala Programme for Holocaust and Genocide Studies (today The Hugo Valentin Centre) since 2004. At The Hugo Valentin Centre responsible for the MA Programme in Holocaust and Genocide Studies since 2010.

Networks, Research Groups and International Contacts:
One of the founders and member of "Network for Work with Trauma and Secondary Traumatisation (TRAST)" at The Hugo Valentine Centre, Uppsala University

One of founders and member of "The Research Group for Studies of Balkans" at The Hugo Valentine Centre, Uppsala University

Member of "Network for work with psychosocial rehabilitation within international development cooperation," at The Centre for Sustainable Development, Uppsala University.



Scientific publications:
forthcoming, "Bosnia's Unfinished War," in Elisabeth Drexler and Rebecca Bryant (eds) After Violence: Institutions of Truth and Memory, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.

forthcoming, "Contradictions of War in Sarajevo under Siege," in Dario Spini, Dinka Čorkalo Biruški, Guy Elcheroth and Mirjana Vasović (eds) Facing Massive Violence and Social Change: Collective Experiences in the Former Yugoslavia, University of Lausanne.

forthcoming, Rat iznutra: Svakodnevni život u Sarajevu tokom opsade. Sarajevo: Dani.

forthcoming, “Theoriography or The Art of Anthropology,” submitted to Cultural Anthropology.

Sarajevo Under Siege: Anthropology in Wartime. Ethnography of Political Violence series. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.

More on my book at University of Pennsylvania Press

"The Plight and Fate of Women during the Crisis in the Former Yugoslavia," in Samuel Totten (ed.) The Plight and Fate of Women. Genocide: A Critical Bibliographic Review. Volume 7. New Brunswick and London: Transaction Publishers.

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with Dulić, Tomislav, Kostić, Roland and Trtak, Jasenka (eds.), Balkan Currents: Essays in Honour of Kjell Magnusson. Uppsala Multiethnic Papers 49. Uppsala: Centre for Muliethnic Research, Uppsala University.

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"Negotiating Normality in Sarajevo during the 1992-1995 War," Narodna Umjetnost 34(1):25-58, Zagreb.

Articles on education, social conditions and literature in Bosnia for Nationalencyklopedin, CD-ROM version.

Book Reviews:
2011 "Antonius C.G.M. Robben: Iraq at a Distance – What Anthropologists can Teach Us About the War," American Ethnologist.

2011 "Fran Markowitz: Sarajevo – A Bosnian Kaleidoscope," Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (JRAI)

Popular articles:
forthcoming: "Våld och identitet i Sarajevo" i Helmut Mussener (red.), Balkan i Europa: Identitet och nationsbildning i Sydeuropa. Hugo Valentin-centrum, Uppsala universitet.

Popular articles 1991–1996